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Is PMP Certification Worth It in 2024? Costs vs. Benefits

As the world adopts Agile approaches, you might be wondering: is PMP still relevant? Let's break down the benefits and costs of getting PMP-certified.

PMP vs. PRINCE2: Which Certification Should You Get in 2024?

PMP is recognized worldwide, but PRINCE2 is also a well-known and respected project management certification. Which one is the best for you?

PRINCE2 Certification: The Ultimate Exam Preparation Guide

An in-depth guide to preparing for and passing the PRINCE2 Foundation and Professional project management certification exams.

Is Project Management Right for Me? 10 Questions to Consider

As we talk about the traits that great project managers have, we discuss the responsibilities, struggles and delights that the role entails.

Best Product Management Books for Beginners and Professionals

Those product management books by industry experts share strategies, actionable advice, and insightful stories.

PSPO I, II and III: How to Prepare for and Pass the Exams

Professional Scrum Product Owner certification exams by validate your understanding of the Scrum framework and delivering valuable products.

Cynefin Framework for Decision-Making Explained and Applied

Cynefin is a "sense-making" framework that helps with understanding the kind of challenge you're facing and choosing the most suitable approach to deal with it.

Is the Scrum Master Role Right for Me? 7 Questions to Consider

Scrum Master is a selfless leader who helps the team reach its full potential. What makes one a great Scrum Master? Is this role a good fit for you?

Should I Renew My Professional Certification or Let It Expire?

Once you give yourself honest answers to the questions below, you'll have a good idea of whether you should keep maintaining your credential or let it lapse.

How to Get SEU for CSM Renewal: Free and Paid Options

Renewing a Scrum Alliance certification requires a renewal fee and a certain number of Scrum Education Units. We'll talk about the ways you could earn them.