Workflow Setup, Automation and Integration Expert for Hire

Hire a certified workflow expert to help with setting up and optimizing flows in Trello, Asana,, Notion, ClickUp, and other PM software.

While I currently specialize in workflow architecture and integration, I also provide coaching for individuals and teams, help with hiring the best person for the job, and solve problems in general.

I like challenges, so if there’s a problem in your organization that someone with my skills could help with tackling, get in touch and let’s discuss it.

My certifications include PMP and Professional Scrum with Kanban, as well as a few certifications related to specific PM software.

Workflow setup and optimization specialist services

  • Architecting workflows in project management tools like Trello, Asana,, ClickUp, Notion and more.
  • Using connectors like Zapier or to create a fully integrated workspace.
  • Workflow audit – investigating the current and potential issues with your flows and advising on how to solve them.


Advantages of working with me as a workflow expert

1. Quickly getting to the heart of the matter

Every business operation has its complexities and nuances. You’ll never have to worry how to break them down to me, or whether something is missed that would backfire down the line.

I’ll catch all the details you provide right away and put them on a canvas to get a full picture where everything is tied together, without blank spots or inconsistencies.

I aim to get to the bottom of things and really map everything out, voice the assumptions, understand the root cause of the problem, and align the solution with the vision you have in mind.

2. Anticipating potential issues

As I think of the architecture of your workflow, I think of various edge cases, potential bottlenecks, scalability, adoption in the team, and other points that might come up as the solution is being used. While problem-solving is satisfying, problem-preventing has immeasurable benefits.

3. Autonomous and asynchronous

After the initial call, we have a meeting only if we absolutely have to. Though I’m open to jumping on a call, in most cases written communication is sufficient 90% of the time. I value your time and mine.

4. Large and ever-expanding toolbox

I have dealt with many different tools already and have back-end experience, so it’s relatively easy to pick the new tools. If it has an interface at all, it’s most likely a variation of something I have already encountered, and I could use it efficiently after reading the docs and doing some testing.

5. Excellent communication

Being efficient in obtaining information goes hand in hand with being good at explaining it and coming to mutual understanding. Working with me would be a smooth and pleasant experience.


Workflow setup and optimization in ClickUp, Asana, Trello and other tools: my work process

  1. You contact me and outline the current situation in your workspace.
  2. We have a free intro call to assess the situation in more detail. I review your workflows and requirements to get a solid idea of what we’re going for.
  3. I give suggestions based on my experience and map out the structure of what I’m going to implement. The solution must counter for current and potential pain points and be scalable.
  4. I give a quote based on how much time I anticipate the solution would take, accounting for the factors like workflow complexity and the amount of anticipated tweaks. To give you some baseline, my current hourly rate is $90/hr.
  5. I create documentation and onboard the team as needed.

How using PM tools like Trello and brings value and saves money

Using workflow tools saves time, reduces errors, improves coordination and accountability in various ways, I’ll list a few:

  1. Information radiator. Everyone sees the current situation at a glance, not having to double-check with their colleagues what the status of the task is. Note: you reap this benefit if everyone actually uses the board consistently and updates the status of their tasks.
  2. Task and project templates. With a custom template, each new task comes with all fields set up and pre-filled where needed, so you avoid repetition and never forget to add the necessary information.
  3. Easy to pass the ball. An automatic notification could be triggered when the task is moved to a certain column, or if a status of a certain field changes.
  4. Bottlenecks become visible. It’s much easier to see how much time has passed between the stages of each task, so it’s more obvious when something gets stuck. Issues get on the radar, so you could learn the root cause faster and act to find a solution.
  5. Task-related information is organized and recorded. You don’t have to go through your inbox to recall the history of a certain task or issue – it’s all listed in the updates of that task. And when it’s done and archived, you could still refer to it later.


Which project management software do you recommend?

Personally I like Trello because of its visual simplicity and robust automation system. But all popular PM software solutions –, Trello, ClickUp, Asana, Notion – have their own pros and cons.

If you’re already using a PM software, I’ll figure out how to use the strong points of that tool and work around its limitations to implement your requests.

If you’re still deciding or are open to switching software, I could give personalized recommendations based on your unique process. They’ll depend on the factors like:

  • Do you need to connect properties on different boards?
  • Are you using advanced checklists?
  • How would you like to visualize your items and view the statistics?

Contact me to discuss which PM software would work best for you.

How do you automate workflows in Trello, ClickUp,, Asana and other PM tools?

Most of the time, native automations are sufficient, and there are native integrations with popular software like Slack or Google Docs.

But connection to a wide variety of software could be integrated and automated with third-party tools like Zapier and I’m using whichever tool is the most suitable for the job.

Stay tuned for an article on how PM tools like Trello, Asana, ClickUp, and Notion match up from the perspective of native automations they have available.