Actionable Personal Development Coaching Packages. Services

I offer coaching to help you become more productive and efficient, develop good habits, and learn skills that would make you more successful.

  • Developing an actionable plan with measurable goals.
  • Having an honest discussion about your current impediments and how to deal with them in your particular circumstances.
  • Accountability partnership.
  • Improving focus, productivity and efficiency.

Personal development coaching options

  1. Value-based 30-minute coaching intro.
  2. The “On-demand talk coaching package: 240 minutes of one-on-one coaching.
  3. The “Messaging mentor coaching package: 100 minutes of live coaching + text chat.
  4. A one-off personal development coaching session.

You could click the links to jump down to the options for more information. But if you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to read the rest of the page to see if I could provide value in your particular situation.

Professional and team management coaching

On the occasion, I also provide coaching and advice on things related to Waterfall and Agile project management, operations, and HR.

  • Setting up workflows in task management systems like Trello, ClickUp, Monday, and others.
  • Hiring and managing contractors.
  • Improving team communication.

If you’d like to work with me on any of these, or have some other engagement that requires analysis, strategizing, organizing and my other skills, contact me to discuss the details.

One-on-one coaching on personal and professional development

How can you be sure that I will contribute to your personal growth?

Personal development coaching requires resources – time and money – as well as your trust. How can you give any of these to a stranger on the internet?

Indicators that my personal development approach is a fit for you.

First and foremost, look through the articles on this website.

If you feel that they were engaging and gave you some new ideas, it’s a good indicator that my approach is a match for you and will bring value.

You could also find out more about me as an individual and see if I’m someone you want to work with.

But the best way to ensure we’re a fit is to book a trial consultation.


Will my coaching bring value? A mindset and context check

There’s another gut check you could perform right now.

Do you relate to the following statements?

  • I want to develop better habits and be more consistent.
  • I have a lot on my plate and want to organize and delegate better.
  • I want to develop reliant stress resistance techniques and get into the mindset of grim determination to reach my goals.
  • I want to fight the causes of my procrastination and be more focused and productive.

Or do some of these feel familiar:

  • I get upset at non-positive feedback even if it’s polite and has merit.
  • The weight of accountability is too heavy, I want to shift it to someone else.
  • I tend to be resistant to change. Deep down, I don’t believe change is possible.
  • I don’t feel the joy of life, I’m not sure what I’m doing.

The desire to improve has to come from within. No matter how much you pay someone to coach you, it won’t be efficient unless you’re willing to actively move forward and do your part.

Of course, the very point of coaching is dealing with issues and removing impediments to your life success. But it’s important to openly face your limitations and tackle them head-on, not let them silently sabotage your progress.

As for the last point above… I’m naturally resilient, a “pull yourself by the bootstraps” type of person, and I could share this spirit with you – to an extent.

If you’re feeling burned out or depressed and your quality of life has been down for a while, consult a health professional.

Personal development coaching: packages and pricing

1. Value-based 30-minute coaching intro

An introductory coaching session is a great way to see if we’re a good match for a longer engagement.

It comes with a satisfaction guarantee: you only pay if there was value gained. Some questions to ask yourself to determine that:

  • Did I get some new insights and perspectives?
  • Are there some points that crossed my mind before but now I feel inspired to zoom in on them?
  • Do I have clear and actionable points I could try out to achieve my goal?
  • Did I have a fun and engaging conversation?

Price: The suggested nominal fee is $20. But you could pay zero. Or $80. Or whatever you feel would be the fair cost for the session and its outputs.

2. The “On-demand talk” personal coaching package

You get 4 hours (240 minutes) of one-on-one coaching, arranged in a way that makes the most sense in your situation.

It could be eight 30-minute check-ins, 4 hourly sessions, or a mix.

The hours are valid for 3 months, so you could take breaks and use them at later points. But I recommend having sessions at regular intervals at least for the first month, to get more initial feedback and gain momentum.

Price: $400.


3. The “Messaging mentor” personal coaching package

This package includes 90 minutes (1.5 hours) of face-to-face coaching and a text chat channel.

Obviously, we won’t chat all day long, but you could ask questions and share your progress as you go and receive quick feedback.

The duration is 1 month.

Price: $400.

4. A one-off personal development coaching session.

The coaching packages provide the best cost-to-time ratio.

However, if you used the coaching intro option and want to discuss some more things but feel it’ll just be a one-time thing and we won’t use up 4 hours in the next 3 months – then you could opt for a separate 60-minute coaching session.

Price: $100.

Which coaching package should I choose?

The cost of both coaching packages I offer is the same, but which one is the best fit for you?

Consider the video call coaching package if:

  • You prefer voice to text.
  • You have a lot of small things, or complicated things to discuss, which would be easier to do live than to write it out.
  • You anticipate or prefer having shorter consultations over a longer period of time.

The messaging coaching format has its own advantages:

  • Asynchronous: you could ask or share something whenever you like, and I reply whenever I can. We don’t need to arrange the session, a discussion is ongoing.
  • More time to gather your thoughts and share deeper insights.

You could decide on the format after the intro session. Book your 30-minute coaching consultation, and we’ll take it from there.